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Why is JSON feed validation important?

JSON feeds are applied in order to make websites dynamic. In the past, any changes to a website page meant that the website page had to be reloaded in its entirety. By using JSON, it became possible to update just parts of the page, for instance with online forms or online order pages. Because the whole web page no longer has to reload but only those parts that need to be updated, the user experience not only becomes quicker, it becomes more efficient and friendlier as well.

Nowadays, JSON is also applied in apps on mobile devices. JSON ensures a seamless and easy integration with the mobile user and the backend server. The communication is lightweight and fast. What's more, JSON can not only transfer plain text (strings), but also numbers, arrays and even complex object types.

When developing a JSON feed, it's vital that the JSON data remain clean an structured. JSON is used in a wide range of different environments: different web browsers, different mobile apps, and also different server application environments. Because of these different environments, it's important that the JSON data is compatible and also structured properly.

To check the compatibility, you can use JSON feed validators. You paste a JSON string in the JSON validator, which is then checked immediately on its validity. The developer can then be sure that the JSON is formatted correctly.

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