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What is a JSON feed?

JSON is used to exchange information between 2 computers, generally a client and a server. JSON is an abbreviation of JavaScript Object Notation and can save several different data formats, such as plain text (string), numeric values, arrays and also complex data objects.

JSON is a subset of JavaScript and is mainly used in website environments that use dynamic data, for example when placing an order in an online store or booking a room on a hotel website. In the past, website pages were statically built, meaning that every time data was mutated, the whole page had to be refreshed and loaded again by the server. By applying JSON it became possible to refresh parts of the page without having to reload the entire web page.

The browser sends variables in a GET or POST to the server, and the web server then replies with data in a JSON feed. Besides the application of JSON feeds on websites, JSON is also a regularly used data format in mobile apps. Because JSON allows fragments of data to be sent, the data communication becomes very efficient and fast and therefore ideal for mobile communication.

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